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Our roof repair Melbourne service in detail

Fix ya Roof provides a full roof repair service across the whole Melbourne metro area.
We only do the work that's necessary. If your roof only needs re pointing and re bedding roof repairs then that's all we will do. One of the main considerations with repairing roofs is to ensure that your roof is maintained up to insurance standards.
Getting us to check over your roof for free could save you a lot of money in the future.
A comprehensive roof repair and roof leak repair service does not necessarily mean re coating a concrete roof. A new coating only improves the aesthetics of your roof. We are heavily focussed on getting your roof up to standard from an insurance perspective and making it fully waterproof.
This might also mean in addition to
pointing repairs and bedding, replacing any old rusted valleys or flashings. In most cases a full residential roof repair job will only take a couple of days.
Of course the safety of our workers is really important during a roof repair so we install safety railings on the roof edge in order to be compliant with Victoria Work Safe Rules.

As part of the roof repair and roof leak fixing process you might also want your roof cleaned. In order to clean your roof we don't necessarily have to walk on your roof. We use a soft wash roof system that's low pressure and is ideal for old or brittle roof tiles. We can access your roof from the top of a ladder or we have extension poles on our spraying equipment

Your tiles might be terracotta or old cement tiles, but after many years they can be over grown with lichen or moss. This will stop the roof tiles draining effectively and might cause damage to the roof support battens underneath. This is particularly important with old slate tiles.

Call your trusted local roof repair company and find out about our comprehensive roof repair, roof leak fix and soft wash roof cleaning service.

Get a roof repair cost from a roofing company that can be trusted and have a great service record.

So in summary, our roof repair Melbourne services provide
roof re pointing and re bedding, roof leak repairs, roof restoration, and roof cleaning.

If you live anywhere within 30kms of Melbourne City we can help.

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Summary of Our Services

Roof Repair Melbourne Covid-19 Update

Thanks to all our customers for their support during the Covid difficult time
We are currently carrying out all types of roof repair work - no exceptions

Let us know if you have any Covid concerns

  • Easy to deal with us 👍 - just send your enquiry by email or SMS or phone us as usual.
  • We can look at your roof without you being present
  • We will take photos of the issues and text them to you
  • We do the quote
  • If you are happy with the quote, we do the work and send photos after


Our credentials for roof work and why you can be confident dealing with us

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  • Frequently asked questions
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  • Why choose Fix ya Roof?
    Offers great value for money
    Polite friendly and mature people to deal with
    We have excellent communication skills so you know what’s going on
    Simply just do the right thing

  • How is Fix ya Roof different from other roofers?
    Pride and workmanship from start to finish
    Won't compromise our integrity
    Give honest appraisals
    Do our best to service our customers brilliantly
    Show concern for the needs of customers
  • How much is a roof inspection and quote?
    All our inspections and quotes are free.
  • How long does it take to get a quote for roof work?
    As soon as we have done the roof inspection we will email or phone you with a quote within 24 hours
  • Are you insured?
    We are fully insured with a $5 million dollar public liability insurance
    Covered for work in shopping malls, government and body corporate
    We have workers work-safe insurance.
    Always use safety equipment and follow best safety practices.

Learn about how you can save money by getting a professional roofer

Professional roofers know how to repair your roof using the correct materials and work processes. The sequence of work done on your roof can make all the difference.

If you are currently renovating the whole of your house then roofs, gutters, roof flashings will need to be looked at. its important to do these roof jobs in the right process or sometimes one trade will be undoing work already done by another trade. So its best to get these things sorted out before you start
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High Quality Roof Restorations across all Melbourne Metro Area

We repair roof leaks and do roof restorations on both terracotta roofs and concrete tile roofs.
For terracotta roof repairs we can start from roof cleaning by removing moss and lichen, to re bed and repoint the whole roof.
For concrete tile roof repairs we can do full re bedding and re pointing and a new coat of paint if required.
We give you a free no obligation quote for all our roof repair work in detail so you can clearly understand what we are offering to do for you.
We can also take photos for you so you can see for yourself what needs to be done.
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Roof Repairs for all Melbourne Suburbs

Including:- Roof restoration Eastern Melbourne Suburbs, Glen Iris, Caulfield, Elwood, Ashburton, Ashwood, Roof restoration Mount Waverley, Carnegie, Brighton, Sandringham, Oakleigh, Highett, Mentone, Clayton.

Roof repairs in suburbs close to Melbourne CBD

Carlton, Flemington, Kensington, North Melbourne, Parkville, Port Melbourne, West Melbourne.

Roof repairs Bayside

Roof repairs in all of the Bayside area from St Kilda, St Kilda East and down to Mordialloc


We always do the best roof repairs

When providing a service, we always think of how our customer is going to experience it.

Always use high quality roof repair products

We use products that we would use for our own roof work

You have to be safe around roof repair work

We are not the quickest but we are the safest. Always work to Vic Worksafe Standards so you don't need to worry

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