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Get Roof Repairs done after Roof Traffic

If you've just noticed a leak and you've recently had work done on your roof then its time to get a roofer up there to check it out.
Foot traffic on your roof can nowadays be a real problem. We have options for cable TV, broadband and solar panels and the tradespeople doing the install may inadvertantly leave cracked tiles or other issues behind them.

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We are constantly hearing about climate change in the press. But have you considered the effect on our Melbourne roofs? More extremes in temperature and more extreme stormy or wet or dry weather. All of this takes its toll on your roof.

By the time a roof leak shows itself inside your home untold damage could have been caused in the roof space. That new insulation you had installed is great for keeping you warm but did you realise it soaks up any small leaks so they only become noticeable when they are a big problem. A leak proof roof protects the structure of your home including electrical systems.

Different types of roof require different solutions to make them secure in the long term and an expert local company to carry out the work. Commercial roofs sometimes experience a lot of roof traffic and require roof walkway systems to be fitted.

Most leaks occur at areas where two roof angles intersect at flashing where there has been due to poor workmanship even on new homes. Difficult to find and squirting tubes of silicon is not the answer.

Concrete and terra cotta tiles and metal sheeting are the most common types of roofing products in Melbourne. Repairing them takes a specialised approach to each and a determination to find the problem and to provide you the customer a cost effective solution.
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