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Re roofing an existing house in Melbourne

Re roofing your home is not a project to be undertaken lightly. However, we have had years or experience replacing Melbourne roofs across the metropolitan area so you are in good hands. You get a free quote from us, that goes without saying, but more importantly we do an extensive inspection. You have many choices for roof replacement in Melbourne but be aware if you have an older style home in a heritage overlay area your roof replacement material choices may be limited.

We treat your old home carefully and ensure all work is up to modern Australian Building Code Standard for new homes. We have full accreditation for re roofing Melbourne including working at height with roof anchor points, cherry picker licenses for high roofs, public liability insurance and comply with Worksafe Vic.
Its important you understand that re roofing is not just about ripping off the old roof covering and putting on a new one
If the old roof is tiles, old roof tiles are a different size to new ones. This means that all the old tiles are removed plus the battens as the new ones will be a different spacing.
In addition because the building code states that once the old roof is removed the new roof must conform to up to date building codes. This means that all the roof valleys, flashings, chimney flashings and protrusions like pipes will require renewal so that everything is up to date.
It will also be a good idea to renew gutters at this stage also and this should be done prior to the new roof being installed.

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