Roof leaks and new roofs....

My roof leaks - do I need a new roof?


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Maybe you've been told this.
Like everything in life, its best to explore all the options before spending big on a roof replacement.
Most roofs can be fixed up by an experienced roof tiler, there are exceptions though.
The roof leak below is a typical example. Maybe caused by an aerial fixer, plumber, air con guy, who knows?

Cracked tiles for roof repairs Melbourne

What we do know is that this type of terracotta tile is really strong and as long as you are careful and know how to walk on roofs then this won't happen.

With this type of tile you won't need to re roof unless you want to.

Roof cleaned by soft wash

The patches of lichen you can see can be gradually be removed using a eco friendly soft wash spray system that won't damage your tiles, won't get your roof space flooded and won't block your gutters and downpipes.
If the lichen and moss is really thick then your roof might take 12 months to look its best, but thats exceptional.

If you are tempted to get your terracotta roof high pressure cleaned then just bear in mind that if there is a roof leak causing cracked tile lurking under that pile of lichen you are getting cleaned off, you might just end up with a flooded roof space and a damaged ceiling. Concrete tiles are mould manufactured and fit closely together. Terracotta tiles are oven fired and are dimensionally unstable and don't fit dead flat on the roof battens. All this increases the risk of water getting in under high pressure cleaning.

Old roof tiles

There are types of terracotta tiles that need replacement and these are usually very old and have been attacked by the salt sea air that causes spalling, a process that weakens the terracotta. Most of these tiles are found around the inner city suburbs like Carlton, are usually Victorian and Edwardian era but some weak tiles date into the 1930's and 40's.

In addition there are concrete tiles also that are extremely weak, snap like biscuits and are hopelessly difficult to restore.

Other roof leaks

Other types of roof leaks come from:-
Corroded flashings……easily fixed……re roof not required
Crumbling pointing…….easily fixed……just a re point……….re roof not required
Skylights, air con units etc……..easily fixed…..get a new one or new flashing around it…….re roof not required

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