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Terracotta Tile and Concrete Tile Roof Re Pointing Repairs in Melbourne

Get a quality roof re pointing job and repairs for a value for money price

The tradesmen who quote your roof repair work have 30 years of experience working on Melbourne roofs.
Terracotta roof restorations and repairs are a lot trickier than concrete tile roof repairs. Some terracotta dating back to the 1920’s is very brittle, tiles can be difficult to source and can be hard to work with. However the effort and care taken is well worthwhile. The pointing material we use is of the highest quality trade standard “right out of the bucket”.

NO diluting or adding sand to make it go further! You get a quality job with quality materials.

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We take digital pictures of your roof during inspection, whilst the work is being done and after we have finished, you can see the completed work even if you can't get on the roof so you can have full peace of mind.
Lets face it....not everyone wants (or are able) to get up on a roof to inspect the roof repair or restoration work after it has been completed.
If you are really busy at work....give us permission to do the roof inspection, we will email pictures and a quote to your work place

Re Pointing for cement tiled and terra cotta tiled roofs.

If you let your ridge cap pointing deteriorate water can get in and the ridge caps can be blown off or dislodged in high winds. Gaps in the ridge caps especially at the lower end of the hips can let animals in like possums.
Not getting the repairs done can lead to excessive leaking and roof timbers rotting requiring expensive replacement.
We use a flexible waterproof pointing compound (definitely NOT cement) especially formulated and recommended by architects, builders and professional roofers.

Concrete Tile Roofing in Melbourne, Roof Repairs, Roof Painting or not to Paint?

We will give you an honest opinion of what actually needs to be done
Has someone told you that your roof cannot be restored and that you need a new roof? Let us have a look and give you a realistic opinion of what can be achieved. You might have a leak that just needs gutter cleaning to get it fixed.
Painting your roof with a high quality high resin based roof coating system will keep your roof looking great for years to come..............
and if you are concerned about roof height safety then you should be, we make sure we are safe with roof rails and roof anchor points.
new roof valleys
Terracotta roof valley repairs showing straight tile cuts on left side and storm seal valley sealer on right side before the tiles are replaced
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